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   When and Where


Monday, Oct 15,  2018 7:00 PM


Natural Grocers

4900 Kipling Street

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


2018 Calendar of Events

Contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) & club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).

   Upcoming Program

No programs scheduled

   Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Review 2018 Local Specialty status.
Review 2021 National Specialty status
Review 2018 Parade of Lights status
Review 2018 Holiday Party status
Discuss Iowa dogs seizure and our part in helping.
We need a minimum of nine (9) voting members present at this meeting for a quorum.

  Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes  ~  10/15/2018


Attendees: Beverly Smith, Thalia Peletis, Connie Rudd, Heidi “Scooter” Nieman, Jan Cherne, Donna Dannen, Pam Buhl, Rachel Paulson, Linda Kitzman, Lori Elvera, Shanan Streweler, Nancy Golden, Sue Wangerin, Sydney Langner         Guests: Jody Carpenter


Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by President, Pam B.


Presidents Report, Pam: None

Vice Presidents Report: Sydney: None

Recording Secretary Report, Scooter: None

Corresponding Secretary, Lori: None

Treasurer’s Report, Thalia:   Balances reported at the meeting.  Members may contact the treasurer for that information.


Board Members report: None

New Member Applications:

                Kimberly Labarthe – 2nd reading, associate membership

                Stephen Dziuban – 2nd reading, associate membership

                Deidre Dziuban – 2nd reading, associate membership

                Jody Carpenter, 1st reading, associate membership

**Members with 2nd readings, have been voted in unanimously


Agility, Terry: None

Breeder Referral, Pam – 3 new inquiries for puppies

Colorado Legislative Liaison: Aurora has a meeting tonight.  Douglas County has a meeting Thursday evening

Local 2018 Specialty:  We are allowed 10 RV spaces, in the contract it states there will be plenty of tables in the building  Create RV passes to put in window of RV’s   

Rescue – Placed last puppy from Iowa in September


SCA 2021, Connie:  We have negotiated a final version of the Hotel contract and Island Grove contract.  Connie will sign both while in Greeley for Buckhorn Valley Shows.  Pam and Connie continue to work out final details with Onofrio for the Superintendent’s contract and Donna Dannen is working on final details with the photographer’s contract.


Connie conducted another “sticky note” exercise and here are the results:


-  Rescue Parade

-  Bath area with hot water

-  Bathing facility was great!

-  Motor Home facility  was great!

-  Parade of title Holders was stellar! It included a program and a beautiful rosette

-  Top 20 was fab!

-“ Clean up Wagon”

-  Hospitality - lunch provided was great!

-  Six bath tubs for bathing!

-  FREE daily coffee, donuts and lunch!



-  Would like to see judging from grooming area (this year there were three large TV monitors so remote grooming room could watch)

-  More poop stations for hotel

-  Larger Top 20 Ring

-  Welcome signs at hotel and show site

-  Shampoo at dog wash

-  More attention to details

-  Need a ring as big or bigger as this year’s (main conformation ring)

-  Need bigger room for live auction dinner, and extra seating for those who came after dinner, but for the auction.

-  Badges for Judges and Stewards

-  Better Welcome Party!

-  Have at least two days of agility

-  Clean up supplies in elevators at hotel

-  More frequent marketing in advance to get people excited to come

-  Have hospitality bag and name tags ready to hand out at the beginning of the week

-  Make daily events more visible for all to see - along with time and locations

-  Mitigate noise from ringside grooming area in main event center

-  Not enough Rally Maps - we will have enough!

-  Have obedience and rally in a quieter room not in the same room as the main ring and grooming!

-  More trash cans

-  Try to have extra events at same location

-  Provide a visible space for club banners

-  Provide dressing space without having to run to the bathroom

-  Welcome bags and name tags!

-  Food and drink available at all times.  Dr. Pepper!!!

-  Ask judge to announce Ring procedure basic beforehand if possible

-  Have extra hospitality bags available for those who forget to sign up1

-  Larger grooming spaces

-  Have “made the cut” trinket for BOB

-  Post schedule in multiple places around the grounds and hotels - include working events

-  Information; daily events post on signs

-  More planned activities for RV area

-  Need a better web site! - we can do better with JoDee

-  Art show where we can see and browse

-  Post class results immediately on Face Book or web site during show

-  BIG, 3-tier ribbons for all class placements


Call for Nominations from the floor for 2019 Officers and Board of Governors.  No nominations were received. 


New Business:

Parade of Lights  is November 30!!! 

October 23 @ 7:30pm we have a Judges Education event @ Governors Ranch Elementary

Holiday party – December 15th


Barks & Growls:

Connie finished Summer!!

Sydney got engaged

Lori – Emmy got her 1st rally intermediate leg

Scooter – Millie got her 2nd rally intermediate leg

Pam – Niko was Best of Opposite in Working Sweeps



Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM


Board Meeting Minutes:

Nominating committee was selected. : Donna Dannen, Pam Buhl and Kristi Schopfer

   Club Calendar of Events  


2018 DSA Calendar of Events 


   PDF File contains all known club business dates (meetings, deadlines) &

   club sponsored events (agility, specialty, match, etc).

  Club Meeting Location   


          Natural Grocers

          4900 Kipling Street

          Wheat Ridge, CO 80033





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