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samoyeds pack hiking

Activities Samoyeds Love to Do 

Samoyeds are energetic dogs that love to do things with their people!  With consistent training, they can go far in many areas.  Each of the pursuits, below, provide great outlets for bonding with your Samoyed and provide him with the exercise and manners to keep him well and happy.


We have all seen dog agility either in person or on TV.  If you are wondering if your Samoyed can do agility the answer is yes.  Samoyeds, like most breeds, love to run and jump.  They particularly like doing things with their human family.  Agility is a team activity that builds a lasting relationship between you and your Samoyed.  Samoyeds do best with short training sessions coupled with lots of praise and rewards. Having a sense of humor and keeping the sessions fun is the key to a successful agility career.

Barn Hunt

The way your Sammy goes after squirrels and bunnies, is it any wonder that they might excel at Barn Hunt ®? And by testing your dog’s instinct in a safe manner (for the rats and the dogs), you’ll have a fun time and your dog will sleep well at night.

Conformation Shows and Titles

While an AKC dog show may look like a beauty pageant, it’s not. Dogs are not being compared to each other; they’re being measured by how closely they conform to the written standard of their particular breed. They are judged based on their structure and physical characteristics according to this clear and concise blueprint. The Samoyed standard is largely based on form following function. Prick ears, thick double coat, hare-foot, and belly tuck-up are just a few examples of characteristics in our AKC standard which enabled the Samoyed to perform effectively as a sled puller and a herding dog thriving in a harsh Siberian environment. Their personalities allowed them to co-exist peacefully with other dogs and people in close quarters.