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Denver Samoyed Rescue

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Denver Samoyed Rescue (DSR) is part of the Denver Samoyed Association, Inc. and was formally established in 1993.  DSR provides a rescue service to assist abandoned, unwanted, or otherwise neglected Samoyed in finding new homes.  DSR has made the transition from a full service rescue adoption organization to a rescue referral organization. With the change, DSR will be able to assist more Samoyeds in need.

What We Do

Denver Samoyed Rescue works with area shelters, rescue organizations and individuals to become apprised of Samoyeds needing to be placed in new homes.  Our goal is to help place surrendered or abandoned dogs in quality, suitable, permanent homes.

What Else We Do

DSR helps educate the public about the Samoyed breed and counsel owners who are considering surrendering their dogs to help them work through the problems so the dog may remain with them.  DSR also acts as a safety net for breeders who have lost track of a puppy they have placed, and as another possible source of information for owners who have lost their Samoyed.

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What to Consider Before Adopting A Samoyed

Samoyeds are beautiful, intelligent and fun dogs, but there are some things you may want to consider before proceeding with completing the adoption application.

  • Samoyeds are NOT hypoallergenic.  

  • They require regular professional grooming by someone who knows how to groom the Samoyed coat.

  • Samoyeds are intelligent dogs and enjoy learning using positive reinforcement methods.

  • Samoyeds are social animals and bond easily to their people.  In turn, you will be rewarded with their love and loyalty.

  • The Samoyed is a wonderful breed and we hope it fits your lifestyle!

How We Are Helping



DSR donated $2500 to St. Louis Samoyed Rescue in 2023 for the medical care of Hunter (a Sammie imposter) who was hit by a car, rescued by an officer, and ended up with St. Louis Samoyed Rescue.  He was badly injured and had numerous medical issues.  Hunter is now in his forever home in Kansas.

DSR donated $2500 to Playing Again Sams of Wisconsin for the medical care of Bravo.  His front legs were injured in an accident and he now uses a cart for mobility or gets a free ride. Unfortunately, Bravo’s legs are beyond surgical repair, and he will require long term physical therapy and chiropractic care.  What a sweet face!

Adoptable Samoyeds

When a Samoyed is available, a photo, description, and contact information will be shown. In the mean time, you can download and complete an Adoption Application.


How The Rescue Process Works

Anyone interested in adopting a Samoyed on referral from Denver Samoyed Rescue must complete an Application for Adoption.  The application is a list of questions inquiring about your pet ownership philosophy and helps us refer you to a dog that may be a good match for both you and the dog.  DSR will not share your application with a shelter, person, or another rescue organization without your permission.

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Application & Forms
Adoption Application

We encourage you to download and complete an application even if there is not a Samoyed available for referral.

Volunteer Application

Download and complete an application.

Rescue Photo Gallery 

Some of the Samoyeds DSR has helped place over the years

Lost Dog Tips and Advice

Visit all the local shelters.  Don’t just rely on a phone call.  Check all the shelters on a regular basis.  Go as often as you can, at least every couple of days.


Check with the highway department, your local police and the local animal control office.


Post a picture and description of the pet on social media, put up posters in your neighborhood or in the area where the pet was lost.  Take the posters to vets, groomers, pet shops, and any other place where a pet is likely to show up.  If your pet is returned, consider offering the finder a reward.


Be sure your pet is microchipped and has current ID tags.

Fundraisers and Donations
Due to our inability to maintain an adequate inventory White Pine collars and leads & Sam-EE hiking systems will no longer be available for purchase.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. 
Thank you to everyone who has supported Denver Samoyed Rescue over the years.

Contact Pam Arnold in the Colorado Springs area at or Lorrie McAllister in the Denver area at 


 If you shop through (with over 2000 merchants including many pet related merchants), the merchants donate a portion of their sales to DSR.  Visit to sign-up and register for DSR.  Then shop these merchants through the web mall and every purchase will automatically help Denver Samoyed Rescue.


To Donate ti Denver Samoyed Rescue Contact DSR via email @ 

Denver Samoyed Rescue no longer has a PO Box.  Please contact us via email @

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