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Grooming Your Samoyed

Keeping your Samoyed properly groomed is very important to the health of your dog.  The best source of grooming information is your dog’s breeder.  They will show you how to properly brush and line comb your dog to maintain the coat between baths.


They may also be able to recommend a professional groomer in your area if you do not have the space, time, or equipment to bathe and groom your dog at home.  Other good sources of groomers for your Samoyed could be Samoyed owners in your area, and your dog training center.  


If possible, observe the groomer brushing and combing a dog to see if they are gentle and avoid pulling.  Also, avoid grooming shops that use a cage dryer, i.e., a cage with a heat source.  


Going to a groomer might never be your dog’s favorite activity, but it is necessary.  Frequent grooming and baths will help keep your dog’s coat healthy and easier to maintain.  Ideally your dog will come home from the groomer a tired (think of all the standing to be bathed, dried, and combed) dog, but not an anxious or upset dog! Learn more.

dirty samoyed needing bath

Once you have obtained some names of groomers for your Samoyed, here are a few questions to ask, and things to consider before you make an appointment:​

  • How much experience does the groomer have with double coated breeds, and specifically with Samoyeds?  If they have Samoyed clients, would you be able to speak to the clients for references?

  • How does the groomer deal with a packed coat?  The ideal answer is that they blow the coat out before bathing.

  • How does the groomer deal with dogs who are afraid of a high velocity dryer?  Preferred responses are they use cotton in the ears, they use a Happy Hoody, they take the nozzle off the dryer, they use low power, or they stay away from the head and ears and let the head air dry. (The head and ears will dry fine after a thorough towel drying)

  • Does the groomer understand that a Samoyed coat should not be cut or clipped, with the exceptions of the feet, unless there are special circumstances?  And will the groomer always consult with the owner before they clip or cut the coat? 

Learn Even More About Your Samoyed

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