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Fast CAT Planning Area

Updated: Mar 4

Hello and welcome to the FastCAT Planning Area of the DSA Website. This page is meant to serve as an orientation for future trial chairs for everything you need to know for the Fast 'N Furious DSA Fast CAT Tests. Most of the resources that you will need are in DSA's Google Drive 'Fast CAT' folder; however, there are a few templates attached to this page for those considering chairing and wanting to understand the responsibilities further.

In the Google Drive folder, each year has a folder where we store all documents for that year's show. If you are next year's chair and do not see one for your upcoming trial, please create your folder and copy materials from the 'Template Folder' for your trial, or ask a board member for assistance. The version in your specific year's folders are yours to update and use as you need.

If you are considering volunteering for chair and would like to review what all is involved with chairing, this document will give you a high-level overview of all the pieces:

We ask that you use Google Drive for storage of any and all items related to the show and do not store anything on your personal laptop to avoid losing any materials throughout the planning process.

Through getting access, you are also able to access previous year's folders to reference their documents in case you have questions or would like a point of preference.

Should you have additional questions, the board or past show chairs (referenced below) can help you.




Past Trial Chairs:


Tammy Linnert - Arapahoe Park Golden


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